At PIC we are people focused, family owned and operated since 1989.

At PIC, We Are People Focused.

Join Our Team!

PIC is more than a team, we are a family.

Working at PIC is a rewarding career because we recognize that our primary assets are our people.

At PIC we promote within, supporting and encouraging all of our team members to reach their fullest potential in each of their careers.  Mutual respect is the foundation for our success, working as a team with all of our employees is how We Make It Happen!

PIC offers competitive wages, a competitive health insurance plan and 401K with employer matched contributions.

PIC is safety first, with a company EMR of 0.60!

We offer a variety of Safety & Skills-based training advancing your knowledge, with exciting coast to coast work, a recently improved per diem & travel pay for out of town projects, along with a job completion incentive for every field project completed.

Working at PIC is more than a job, we build long lasting careers together!

I love working for PIC because of the family orientation and all the friendly people we work with within the company.

Richard Maka

My background was in production management in the paper making industry. In the past couple years I’ve had the opportunity to work for PIC on two paper mill projects, the first being dismantling two paper machines in Maryland and shipping them to Turkey, and the second a California paper mill annual shutdown. What I’ve observed during my short tenure with PIC is their “can do” attitude towards getting the work done safely and timely. I’ve had the pleasure of working with PIC superintendents Williamson, Scribner and McGrath, and there’s “no quit” in these guys. In addition, the PIC management and office staff are always helpful and promote a team concept.

It’s definitely been a pleasure being part of the PIC team.

Steve McNally

I was lucky enough to be the first intern at Precision Industrial Contractors. My internship was based around HR/Marketing, and I got to work with Kristin McGavran, the HR and Recruiting Manager. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this internship because I knew nothing about construction going into my time here. I’m also on the younger side, and I was afraid that I would be overlooked because I had such limited experience compared to everyone else. I could not have been more wrong. Every single person in this company treats me with respect, is so friendly, and has made me feel like a valued member of the PIC team. Management at this company is also top tier. I’ve worked multiple jobs before coming to PIC, and Eric Simensen and Tiffany Martell, the President and VP, are incredible at managing the company and giving leadership advice. Every employee has a positive attitude at work because management is very organized and easy to communicate with. I’ve spent the most time working with Kristin McGavran. I cannot say enough good things about her, she is such a kind supervisor and she taught me a lot about Human Resources and how to approach candidates. Anyone who gets to learn from her is very lucky and will leave with significantly stronger communication and people skills. I was also happy to be tasked with important responsibilities, which is rare as an intern. I was solely in charge of the development of a new website for our sister company, PIM, as well as all marketing materials for PIC. As my internship progressed, I was involved in bid projects, formal documents, and presentations. I didn’t believe that a company could be a family, but in my short time here, I’ve created lasting relationships with the entire office and I will continue to stay in touch with everyone. I hope I get the opportunity to work with Precision Industrial again.

Anna Loriz

“I have worked in heavy manufacturing for 37 years. I have managed plenty of major capital projects.  During this time, I have never seen a contractor company own and make safety a top priority, many say they do, but few really take it to heart. Wyatt was completely aligned to our safety standards and held his team accountable and ensured the team demonstrate these safe behaviors. I was impressed on how he handled potential safety issue with one of his workers, making it clear to that worker of the risk and the consequences. Wyatt cares about not having people injured and clearly demonstrated this on our last project together. “

Robert Crawford